Wine Corner

Scene Room

Jade Room

Ponceau Room
Plum's Cafe is situated by the side of tranquil pond .  It offers a wide range of Western, Oriental and Internation buffet.

Enjoy yourself with tempting snacks and drinks in a relaxing environment with live music.

A take-away counter for cakes, pastries, cookies and breads. You can also make special order to suit any occasion or celebration.

Enjoy a superb selections of Suzhou cuisine,Hangzhou cuisine and Cantonese cuisine , Private dining rooms are available.
Seating Capacity:
Main dining room 160   Harmony Ⅰ 10   Harmony Ⅱ 20  Harmony Ⅲ 10     Harmony Ⅳ 6  Harmony V 6
Harmony VI 10     Harmony VII 10   Honour 30
Multi-functional rooms to host meetings, seminars and banquet's seating up to 300 persons.
Seating Capacity:
Main dining Room 300  Silk Room 20    Ponceau Room 60
Melody Room 20      Jade Room 40     Lace Room 30 Scene Room 20                 Gurgling Room 30
Bamboo Grove Hotel Suzhou
Address :No 168, Zhuhui Road ,Suzhou , Postcode:215006